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Small Business Loans for Any Industry


If you’re a builder, you’re familiar with the numerous tool, material, vehicle and equipment purchases that are needed to get things done, and how cash flow problems, whether they’re due to bad weather, customers not paying invoices or anything else, are sometimes unavoidable. Fortunately, we have a range of solutions for builders.

Tradie Cash : For problems that can be solved with cash in hand.

Subbie Money : Perfect for paying subcontractors, trade accounts and outstanding bills, Subbie Money can address building company cash flow shortfalls.

Flexi-Business : Everything you need in one complete, customised package, from web development to building materials and everything between.

Mate’s Rates : If you’re interested in becoming a B2B business partner and getting incredible rates, more flexibility, access to referral benefits and more, ask us about Mate’s Rates.


Tradies are faced with the challenge of needing to stay on top of their industry, while simultaneously dealing with all the problems of a small business and remaining competitive in their area. These challenges often manifest as sudden short falls, spontaneous expenses and a fickle customer-base. At B2B, however, we have it covered.

Tradie Cash : Simple, fast and cost-effective solutions to problems that are best solved with cash in

Subbie Money : Defray your operating expenses, cover short falls and pay off subcontractors with B2B Subbie Money.

Flexi-Business : An advanced yet streamlined package that can be tailored precisely to your needs, perfect for simultaneously handling both the technical and business side of things.

Mate’s Rates : Get access to more benefits, more flexibility, better rates and over 30 years of specialised industry experience.

Self Employed

Low on docs, no problem! All Back2Business products are available to self-employed individuals and anyone else who might not have full financial documentation. No matter what your needs, we have the options to help it thrive.

Tradie Cash :Quick, easy and affordable. Sometimes cash in hand is simply the best way to solve problems.

Subbie Money : If you’re finding it difficult to operate on 30 to 90 day accounts, need to pay off contractors or are otherwise facing a cash flow shortfall, Subbie Money can help.

Flexi-Business : Get an engineered solution with the B2B Flexi-Business package, and cover everything you need, from software and digital development to stock purchases and warehousing. This powerful product can handle anything.

Mate’s Rates : If you’re self-employed, then finding reliable, efficient and cost-effective low-doc financing is a dream come true. Make the most of it by gaining access to B2B Mate’s Rates, and find your new business partner.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are at the heart of Back2Business finance. We’re also small business people, and offer over 30 years of experience in this area. Coupled with our exceptional range of solutions and dedicated focus on your needs, B2B is one of Australia’s most outstanding small business financers.

White Collar Loans : Not just for white collar industries, B2B White Collar loans can take care of all your office essentials, including stationery, software, website needs, office fitouts, furniture and more.

Flexi-Business : A powerful all-in-one package that can be tailored for any small business issue, B2B Flexi-Business brings in-depth knowledge, customised features and an extraordinarily wide range of adaptable coverage to any issue.

Start-Up Money : Are you launching a business start-up? Do it right the first time and leave your mark on the marketplace with a B2B Start-Up Money package. Built for start-ups and engineered for optimal returns, this product was built for success.

Web Money : Does your small business need a website? If you don’t already have one, the answer is probably yes. B2B Web Money can get you a tight, well-focused financing solution with which to address not only this core need, but also all other web development, software and technology requirements.

Mate’s Rates : If your small business can benefit from an understanding, reliable and highly effective financial partner, ask us about Mate’s Rates. We can be there to help you out at ground-level however we can.


There’s only one way to successfully launch a start-up, and that’s by doing it right the first time. You only get one chance at a first impression, so make sure you’re ready to create an impact before going live. Back2Business has a range of tailored products to make sure you never have to skimp on quality during this crucial business start-up phase.

Start-Up Money : Your complete cross-industry start-up package, designed to cover everything from stock purchases to a company website. B2B Start-Up money has everything your business needs to put its best foot forwards.

White Collar Loans : Take care of all your office essentials, including fitouts, software, website supply, stationery and systems. Great for any start-up that needs a professional focus on technology or wants to emphasise their high quality information services.

Web Money : Your shopfront might be great, but how are things online? There’s no way to overstate the importance of a strong web presence to any business that’s hoping to make an impact and perform highly in their area. In fact, web development is so crucial, yet so devoid of high quality financing solutions, that B2B specially engineered the Web Money package to fill this gap. Give your start-up an early edge with Web Money, and be competitive both online and off.

Flexi-Business : Be ready for anything both pre and post start-up with an advanced B2B Flexi-Business package, tailored precisely to your needs. Staff wages, expansion costs, stock purchases, web development, fitouts, software and much, much more can all be built in, bringing easy and affordable solutions wherever they’re most needed.

And You!

We’re small business people with over 30 years of experience and a complete focus on delivering the best possible financing every time. Every single package will be customised to your requirements and in line with a versatile range of options.

Browse our packages : Your complete cross-industry start-up package, designed to cover everything from stock purchases to a company website. B2B Start-Up money has everything your business needs to put its best foot forwards.