About US

Back2Business Loans

Back2Business finance was created when we realised the borrowing needs of small businesses could not be met by traditional lenders. When trying to borrow from the big banks and other lenders, small business owners had to face tedious documentation requirements, unnecessary restrictions and long waiting times only to get inflated rates, limited options and the impersonal assistance of someone that didn’t properly understand their needs.

The rapidly changing nature of a small business environment and the unique challenges encountered within each one mean that traditional big bank loans will never be the best option, and a one-size-fits-all approach will never be optimal. By contrast, the Back2Business mission is to deliver efficient, tight and well-focused loans, tailored precisely to your requirements, which clearly and actively exceed your expectations

If you’ve ever had to deal with a traditional lender for a small business loan, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the many advantages of a Back2Business loan.

A Better System

There are two crucial differences at the heart of Back2Business finance.

  • Like you, we’re small business people. We’ve experienced the unique challenges of this area. Whether it’s the invoice that a client still hasn’t paid, 30 or 60 day accounts that just aren’t manageable, the cappuccino machine that’s catastrophically failed right before the busiest weekend of the year or any one of the countless ‘small’ problems that could permanently cripple your company. We know that there’s no time to waste on uncertain solutions. You need to get back to business, and we’re here to help.
  • We look at people and objectives, not just numbers. On paper, it’s very difficult for a self-employed individual or small business owner to stack up. But naturally, this is far from the whole picture. By concentrating on people and smart goals, rather than endlessly crunching numbers, we’ve been able to save time, reduce costs, streamline the entire process and create a series of uniquely fast, affordable and effective products.
Above all else, we are dedicated to setting new standards for small business financing and tailoring every single solution precisely to your needs. We can help you get back to business.