Flexi-Business Loans for Money as Needed

At Back2Business finance, we approach everything with the perspective of solving problems and achieving goals. Our impressively versatile Flexi-Business package is the pinnacle of this ideal, giving you an array of problem-solving benefits and exceptional coverage of all needs.

The powerful Flexi-Business package can be tailored for any need and any circumstance, and brings you outstanding levels of personalisation and service.

  • We can come to you in order to better understand your requirements.
  • Deal directly with us, the financers, and speak with an experienced decision-maker each time.
  • Get payments flexibly, as you need them, when you need them. We know there’s a lot to do, and appreciate that you don’t have time to sit around and wait.
  • Full doc or low doc, secured or unsecured, cash or credit, flexible payment timeframes and much more. Flexi-Business brings you all the options.
  • Simple and affordable rates in every element of the package, delivering consistently exceptional value and clear information.
  • Tailoring for any industry and any stage of the company lifecycle, from new start-ups to long-established names.

Flexi-Business was built for everyone, and all medium or small company owners can take advantage of it.

What Can My Flexi-Business Package Do?

Your new Flexi-Business package can handle almost anything, and can even be combined with B2B Mate’s Rates to create a solution of incredible flexibility, value and power.

  • Great for performing maintenance or renovations alongside other upgrades, this package can help defray loss of revenue during these periods while also lending a hand with contractor payments, materials costs, logistics and more.
  • With funds direct into your bank account it can be available as cash in hand, letting you take advantage of all the best deals, discounts and cost-saving benefits.
  • Perfect for refreshing a small business. When there are a million things to do, Flexi-Business can help you package, prioritise and solve them.
  • Quick approval so you can implement timely solutions as needed.
  • An outstanding choice for anyone who needs holistic solutions encompassing everything from web development loans to contractor payments to franchise purchase costs.

For a honed financing solution, tailored precisely to your needs yet able to handle anything that’s thrown at it, contact us today and ask about Flexi-Business financing.

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